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  1. Also, I'm missing https, letsencrypt could be an option?
  2. I am just wondering why webdevelopers are using languages like SASS, SCSS and similar. Why not using the good old, native browser supported Cascading Style Sheets? Also, if you should recommend, what is the best language to use, should I use SASS or do you recommend something else?
  3. @FLdtL9 Thanks for the clarification, make sense. Maybe when the iCode community is very active like back in days the site could be running with a vps which should solve the slowness
  4. Back online, great (Altough site is still a little bit slowly)
  5. Have some un-released project too. Some projects are written in MASM, some in C++, some in Delphi and a few web apps written in HTML & PHP. Maybe ever I find some time to finish them
  6. And again a ex member of HH just registered. Glad to see iC0de is still online after those years. Cheers!
  7. Just saw this thread and decided to register a account here. I was a member at hh too. Nice to see you here @BullDog Nice to see that @Hesss is also still around