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  1. was basically dead, but it's currently down. They do offer No-Log jabber on atm.
  2. I mean at this point it's basically just Kali or go home for a dedicated Pentesting OS. I mean I doubt many others can REALLY come close to what it's already got installed. That being said, the only reason I use Kali or anything similar is to not clutter my main OS with applications I rarely use. That and encrypting that data seperatly is nice.
  3. Tails is pretty hella. Always use it when using tor. Although it has been some time since I've done that. Find below the fingerprint of my copy of the keys from a decently long time ago, if you ever want to verify that the validity of their keys ofc. [snoopy@had3s ~]$ gpg --fingerprint tails pub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [C] [expires: 2018-01-11] A490 D0F4 D311 A415 3E2B B7CA DBB8 02B2 58AC D84F uid [ unknown] Tails developers (offline long-term identity key) <> uid [ unknown] Tails developers <> sub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11] sub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11] sub rsa4096 2016-08-30 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11]
  4. So my name is snoopy. I used to be back in TF before it died. I shitpost on HF and just generally shitpost. I don't bother with saying anything constructive, but I will dump shit now and then. Anyway, let's see how long till I get banned. Thank you o/
  5. Trojanforge is sadly gone, I liked it there. HQ members, HQ content, and not filled with a bunch of autists.
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