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  1. you can, but not regular sqlite way. you should read it as binary data. check this ..and this for SQlite structures I didn't try write, but read only from db.
  2. real Wylde or...??
  3. Delphi/C, C/NASM, are 2 projects currently waiting some better days For new projects, depend which type, but something bigger and interesting require PHP/SQL/JS(Any type) and C/C++ (even C# is good too) Idea is to make some user friendly "helper" for companies who are mostly focused on providing development services, in those cases there is many situations when they get paid hourly, so they need manually calculate hours spent on projects. With "helper" user should be able see his working hours, activity, productivity...etc,etc
  4. I didn't, that's why i ask who is holder
  5. Several projects waiting for better days, or maybe stagnation of the current ones But also there are ideas for new projects. It is little slow and hard since i'm working alone. p.s. I'm hoping that administrator or mod should approve post little faster, since there is 3 days after my last post and not approved yet.
  6. Welcome, p.s. I hope you should recognize smiles, btw who is domain holder for HH
  7. Hello everyone, New user here, looking to learn something from and give some knowledge to community. I'm not expert, but working with several languages and platforms, well, Windows is most easier, but i like make my life complicated and started digging to the others, like Linux, Mac, Android Android is obviously Java, didn't use ndk yet, while Linux, Mac and Win is C, and Win standalone is Delphi, some parts in ASM (nasm). Many years i was producing stuff, but last months i'm trying get into reverse process, understand packing methods and protections of executables. Nice to see this place still alive, i didn't check posts yet, but i hope there will be other active members. Regards Jockey
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