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  1. I've been searching on the net for some benchmarks and stuff to cmp Win7(latest build) with Win10. So far it seems that Win7 performs better if not the same as Windows 10.. Windows 8.1 is somewhat a little bit faster than 7 (not worth the effort imho..) for the graphics performance it's also not worth it if you have a gpu that supports only up to DX11. Is this still the same or have there been major performance improvements over the past year?
  2. Here you go. https://github.com/rossja/TinyNuke
  3. Friend helped me with searching, he digged up a funny thread http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/634092-Has-anyone-seen-foil-used-instead-of-heat-sink-compound
  4. Who remembers pentium 4 area 2002 - 2004 that some OEM systems like HP, DELL had a wierd thinfoil on the IHS or Intel stock cooler.. I can't find pictures on google, and this was as I can remember a wide problem with these systems after a few years they ended up with a thermal shutdown (because of dust and no proper thermal grease). When I cracked open those systems I found out that there NO thermal grease on the heatsink or IHS.. Just a little thinfoil piece of shit. It was rather funny, but people don't believe me (they never seen it before themselves). I have had this with a shit load of those 478 systems (not just p4, but also celerons). Who has had this too, it's kinda funny
  5. This is a useful gui for Imagex. https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit-tools/gimagex/
  6. Here's my old kicked off 2010 desktop.
  7. @snoopydogg This home brewed distro is outdated. I think Kali is still one of the most used and best maintained distro for general pentesting (it has bits and pieces for almost everything).
  8. Depends on what vps I guess and the network. DDos is a really big issue when you have a vps, and most hoster just null route your vps. Not sure if cloudflare is a option, I don't like cloudflare. A good reverse proxy with ddos filtering already costs more than the hosting and IP.B license itself.
  9. Please look at the date of the topic. It's 8 years ago. The resources have been removed, it probably was outdated and didn't work anymore.
  10. It's by no means a surprise to me. All those hacking boards attracts and have mostly sketchy users who execute or try to do unlawful actions(like intruding third party computers without permission), it's also monitored like hell by people you better want to avoid if you like to play with malware/trojans for a really educational purpose or just for the fun of it.. Most smartasses are not on those kind of boards trying to get attention or talk about what's the best way to do x. Replace x with something in the gray or even black area.
  11. Yup, It's because it is shared with many many other vhosts. I think the reason is costs and ddos/flood protection that is taken care of by the hoster. Hosting the website itself completely self managed would also take a little more effort and cost, but would imporve security and optimizations aka serving speed. I'm not sure why they chose for a shared host, we cannot really complain actually as the webhost runs at their own cost and effort. Thanks god it is still here after all those years.
  12. No big deal. I just had to alter my host file and it worked. The host header was just missing when the domain expired.
  13. http://valid.x86.fr/bqqkla
  14. Best bang for your buck for a Intel x58 platform cpu upgrade is really a xeon x5650 (if you have a good oc board) or a slightly more expensive cpu the x5675 at 3ghz. I have a 5675 myself now, it really performs nice. Runs at 4g rock solid stable and gets 1480 single core performance and 9800 multi threaded(in cpu-z), could easily get 1500/10000 but I don't have water cooling and don't want to overvolt my chip. Look at aliexpress, I got my chip from there. It passed IDT (intel diagnostic tool).
  15. So I've built my 150 watt "rework" station, it removes BGA chips with ease but.. I tried a LGA478 socket, and it doesn't come of at all. The socket just melted away. Really need infrared I guess to do this kind of rework. The halogen lamp just doesn't do the job properly, I mean it works. I could easily add a arduino and a temp sensor to it with a relay to regulate the temp for the profile. It gets around 250c in like les than 2 minutes (I've removed the thermal safety switch). Just have to monitor the temps and not let it go above obviously 250c (I know 250 is too hot, but i was just testing with a dead crappy mainboard). But no, the light isn't in focus and some spots just don't get hot enough to melt solder.
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