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  1. I joined awhile back looking to learn some programming languages to cope with my design work. I was first interested in Delphi and C++ but something told me to start off easier. So, how is Python? How does it differentiate from other languages? Do you recommend Python as a learning language? I really want to pick your brain, ic0de. Cheers!
  2. Florence Welch Lana Del Rey PSD Available for Florence Welch tag for those who want it
  3. Maybe later down the road I will! I'll keep it in mind, thanks!
  4. How about now? Any more than that may throw off the focal, which is your name and slogan.
  5. I like a challenge! I'll see what I can do! Should be fairly easy, feather the horse to where its edges only, and some slight adjustments. Be back soon! Edit: How does this look?
  6. Glad to see you again, cracksman! I've recently been caught up in some design work for my Gaming Network I moderate at, so I haven't been able to stop by until now. Very unique request you've got here, a challenge as well. I'll be back within 24 hours with results! Edit: Here's a simple one, I thought it looked clean. If you don't like it and rather have a different one, just reply saying so.
  7. Really like this one.
  8. I'm not to great with text.. so I usually just don't do it.
  9. Thanks, I've been practicing and learning for 6+ years now, and I plan to make it my career! As soon as I get around to applying for college...
  10. I'm interested in Basic, C++, and Delphi! Thanks for all the warm welcomes.
  11. Hi. I'm a Graphic Designer(although I keep it away from the internet, as its my career choice >.>), but now I'm trying to expand my knowledge and learn new things, what better than to program, right? Cheers!
  12. I'm fairly new, and I don't like how this part of the forums are inactive! I'm here to spice shit up. (SOTW winner) Cheers.
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