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  1. New's Links https://ufile.io/22c66 or https://github.com/aainz/TinyNuke By Zetter
  2. link has been updated again https://www.sendspace.com/file/bh0ccg att anntraxcoder
  3. I have a project that shares windows type the window sharing system Skypeso I'm having problems with some expecificas windows like google chrome opera etc.I started based on the example of the print window capture below it captures any open windowso happens this problem with google chrome and operaIn Windows XP and 7 When I try to make the Print Screen using the Api PrintWindowis black screennow on Windows 8 / 8.1 PrintWindow Works Normal function zPrintWindow(hHWND: HWND; Bmp: TBitmap): Boolean;var r: TRect;begin result := False; GetWindowRect(hHWND, r) ; bmp.Width := r.Right - r.Left; bmp.Height := r.Bottom - r.Top; result := PrintWindow(hHWND, Bmp.Canvas.Handle, 0) ;end; Already used the Winspector to take the name of chrome class to take the test printDoes anyone havĂȘ any solutionsDownload Example:Download Delphi Example
  4. How do I get Chrome's current URL now that the Chrome_OmniboxView window class has been removed? I've been using, for a long time, the code FindWindowEx(Hwnd, 0, 'Chrome_OmniboxView', nil) to get the URL from Google Chrome. But suddenly the class Chrome_OmniboxView is no longer avaliable. I can not find any kind of solution, here or anywhere Please, someone have any idea how to get the URL from Chrome in a different way?
  5. Thank you, steve10120's, was of great help
  6. Exactly so this tool was coded by steve10120, if it is reading this please share with agent and Thank dinastyr thank you to all family ic0de.org att Zetter
  7. Hello all good anyone have the source of this Code Program Source of UCODE - Delphi Encription end Functions Variables If you have been able Share it cause I'm interested Share or session in delphi att zetter
  8. admiration programming Slayer616 , Steve10120 Fun Club
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