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  1. Code works flawlessly. The problem was probably either PChar() or variables declared as string but not called as Pchar(). Anyway, use the code on your own. Thanks to Moriarty for help.
  2. Can anyone point me where I'm wrong at? The file is not uploaded to the server. While debugging I noticed the that result is false, it probably has some problem before, either InternetConenct or InternetOpen. function upload_file(remote_server, directory, local_file, remote_file, user, pass: PAnsiChar): boolean; var hInet, hConnect: HINTERNET; Dir, Put: Boolean; begin hInet := InternetOpen(nil, INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_DIRECT, nil, nil, 0); hConnect := InternetConnect(hInet, remote_server, INTERNET_DEFAULT_FTP_PORT, user, pass, INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP, INTERNET_FLAG_PASSIVE, 0); Dir := ftpSetCurrentDirectory(hConnect, directory); WaitForSingleObject(Cardinal(Dir), infinite); Put := ftpPutFile(hConnect, local_file, local_file, FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY, 0); InternetCloseHandle(hInet); InternetCloseHandle(hConnect); Result:= Put; end; Reference I used: //http://www.cryer.co.uk/brian/delphi/wininet.htm Regards. EDIT: Calling (Pseudo code) - var upl:boolean; begin upl := upload_file(PChar('ftp.drivehq.com'), PChar('\'), PChar('C:\1.txt'), PChar('fdsa.txt'), PChar('boxdev'), PChar('xxxxxxx')); end;
  3. I'm turning 31. on March.
  4. I said I was kidding about begging. No problem, keep it up. I meant to say I was on ic0de in old days (since July 2010).
  5. Welcome. Stick around with the online boards and you will learn English pretty fast. Why don't you code in Delphi.NET if you are already so excited about coding in Delphi and .NET, just make it as one. Delphi.NET is excellent way to go with.
  6. Hey I missed you guys and I haven't forgot you. I had my last 2.5$ on my LR and I had to donate it. You were just begging for it. Haha, I'm just kidding. That was the last money I had and I can't say how much I was stick'd with ic0de in old days. It's nothing much but I'm waiting to LR approve my credit card funding option so I can fund some money. The money was sent to Protocol. Regards.
  7. There is never end in programming. You always learn new things by the time. Trust me.
  8. @linkyzer0 Oh my god what is that black window on your monitor? You are so cool and leet. /sarcasm @topic Will post one soon.
  9. Trust me, there should not be any alternative of MegaSecurity.
  10. Hey, welcome and enjoy your stay.
  11. Excellent idea, but that can also be set in 'RULES' of board. So while users create thread they write prefix infront (manually).
  12. Read the code :] It says: library inet_block; * Means that it's DLL (Dynamic Link library) if pos('google.com', String(Buf))>0 then begin WSASetLastError( WSAENETUNREACH ); Result := SOCKET_ERROR; * So if url typed is google.com it would send you result of SOCKET_ERROR code (sflsock.h lib) Compile the code and inject it with DLL Injector into browser. Replace both URL's with the one you want. @topic The hook is great but a little bit of editing (precisely error checking) and it would be super.
  13. I don't have windows 7 but lets say if that is explorer.exe if I remember good. That form must either be Dialog call inside application or resource of form designed. Try extracting it from original explorer.exe and you got it there.
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