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  1. Hi

    Welcome to the forum, why not tell us more about yourself and what you are interested in. kind regards.
  2. Welcome to the forums, tell us a bit about yourself, Programmer? hardware hacker? youtuber etc?
  3. Hey, Was this post meant for another thread? I tend to disagree, there are people thinking for themselves and developing stuff in private giving the impression of "deadness". The scene is less open now days with the more knowledgeable members not being as keen to help/share/support newer users, forgetting they were once in the same situation. But also new members are potentially younger or less motivated to self development. You can say that people have to help themselves out which is true, reading books and self study is good to a certain point and is only part of the big picture. You need discussions and sharing of proof of concepts/ ideas to get innovation started.
  4. Have you tried wiresharking the protocol and attempting to reverse it?
  5. Feel free to post it to the forums :-) as it might help a few people out. regards
  6. hah, if you want a different theme option pm 2sly.
  7. It's an I agree to terms plugin if I remember correctly, Please check you PM's.
  8. Edit time is 20mins was original 5mins for some reason but I've changed that now. I think a lot of settings were messed up when we moved servers so please bare with us. :-) Permissions should also be fixed for the graphical forum. regards
  9. Pm's should be unrestricted please let me know if you are still getting problems. regards
  10. Yes both good suggestions I will speak to 2sly and see what options we can come up with, maybe even set up a random irc channel.
  11. Hey only me lately approving posts, first one requires approval then you are free to post. Sorry for the delay.
  12. Wonder what the issues were? was it releated to ss rat/ Bozok ?
  13. Welcome man, Didn't spend too much time at HH in the last few years but did have the odd scroll/comment here and there but there were some good members there! Hope to see you around and enjoy your stay
  14. Have you also checked what chmod permissions /chown/user groups the app belongs to / as this might shed a little more light on the problem, I don't own a chromecast so I am just suggesting ideas. Is there a debug app you can run against the app to see where it read/write from?
  15. App must have different permissions or is executed differently?
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