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  1. How are you executing? or what code are you using?
  2. Opensc has it's own drama's and allow botnets/market place stuff which we do not. ic0de would rather be separate from that and we do not know who owns opensc now days with the change of management that has happened a few times.
  3. I know this site has been a bit slow lately and wanted to try gain some more activity and interest here, I'd like to know what you guys want to see here and how we can move forward. Looking for ideas and feedback from you as we listen to the community. regards
  4. I've dropped the approved posts down from 5 to 2, as spammers normally get caught within the first 2 posts. Hopefully you shouldn't have this approval problem again.
  5. We've had a bad few months with forum software causing issues, staff not having time to run the site due to real life issues and we do thank you for your patience. I've updated a few settings within the new forum software to flush out some of the spammers. 5 pieces of content (threads, replies, post etc) need to be made and approved before free posting is granted, this mainly applies to new users. hopefully now we are back to a working state we can improve the activity within the forum and get some new discussions going. regards.
  6. It's an interesting idea in order for something like this to work it needs to be easy for anyone to use. Problem with today's internet users 90% of them are dumb users in the sense they don't care or want to know how a website it resolved and the information transferred to their idevice. take a look at :
  7. could explain a few things, however it's a shame if true someone with a good knowledge like him.
  8. stable releases are key, keeping connections up and no dropping out due to buggy software ;-)
  9. Haha if I remember correctly that was a long running joke between some of the more experienced coders from ChaseNet. Aphex isn't dead as far as I know but left the scene after legal pressure if my old memory serves me right. InTeL got arrested for credit card fraud. KSV left due to too much heat from bifrost and no want to effect his real job of aircraft pilot. p0ke is out of the scene and still alive talk to him daily. Shapeless - ??? Left the scene as far as I know maybe active on some Swedish irc's Th3ChaS3r - ??? Ghirai - ??? sorzai - ??? Kolor/Gobo - Last time I spoke to him was 5 years ago and he was alive and well. Lord - ??? Mr Jinxy - ??? ??? = I don't know or have contact with.
  10. aphex will never becoming back, Steve has lost interest and plays a lot of playstation now dsays, Karcrack not sure. crazyboris is over at hackhound, ErazerZ views this site every now and then but doesn't post much any more.
  11. Are you looking at something like this? Made by myself many moons ago there are lots of changes you can do like remove the file size limitation etc.regards iCompare.rar
  12. Has anyone tried in I.E or Chrome?
  13. 2sly have you modified any templates? what browser's you guys using?
  14. Have you cleared your cache and cookies? Just a thought?
  15. hmm that's weird I'll look into it.
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