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  1. sorry guys i will review it
  2. @kolbi yep winapi it to hard but i mean the delphi memo object because it delphi <-> delphi u can use method,propriety of tmemo at given object but i think it need thread-safe stuff like that procedure TMyThread.addtomemo; begin memo.lines.add("new line)"; end; ... procedure TMyThread.Execute; begin ... Synchronize(addtomemo); ... end;
  3. @kolbi code is better but u can init a dll global var with memo handle
  4. in 8.1 i us dll hijacktion name : shcore.dll in sysprep i just read that in some place , mybe it not work , i have not 8.1 to test
  5. u want some think like that http://www.ic0de.org/showthread.php?12643-vb-net-uacbypass_class_by_houdini&p=61155#post61155 note : your example it need injection so u must build x64 and x86 copy of your malware x64 malware can byapss uac in x64 machine only x86 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""x86 """"""""""" """"" as opposite my example work fine in all win , loool
  6. hi this is a simple vb.net classe and project allow u to bypass uac in win 7/8/8.1how to use Imports System.Security.Principal Module main_unit Sub Main() Dim UAC = New UAC_Baypass UAC.evalute_me() Dim identity = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() Dim principal = New WindowsPrincipal(identity) Dim isElevated As Boolean = principal.IsInRole(WindowsBuiltInRole.Administrator) If isElevated Then MsgBox("cc , i am as admin now") End If End Sub End Module any bug post heretnksnote : a delphi realaisse comming soonnote : this not an exploit , it will not fixed [color="#FF0000"]update : fix 8.1 problem[/color] uac_baypass_vb.net.rar
  7. good work , i will join when things get complicated (:
  8. i think if course is about : rat,virus,worm,bot or any think about hacking (how to do it) it will be much interested u can set it for free or by donation or prepaid think about it , it the time to get something
  9. E0f

    welcome to the party be cool
  10. thanks but i not understound how it work ? it need tor proxy in server side ?
  11. tnks i found it ^^ xp and under vista and win 7 and highter
  12. use winrar method - crypt data with strong algo - exam : 3des 1024 bit - - add md5 hash of key in header of crypted data - 256 byte - test method - hash the given decypting key and compare hash with orginal hash in header of data , if hash diffrent show message of wrong key else start decrypt of data
  13. update soon + example how to it
  14. i will test it and raporting back later ....
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