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  1. Remove or comment {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} line.
  2. is it hard to download and compile?
  3. I'm interested if someone is using bass.dll library to capture the sound from pc. Is it a good idea to use this library in rat. Thanks.
  4. i think open 500 socket or handle 500 connection is bad idea, Cracksman is right if u want to test you'r website use bot service
  5. can u give me your Jabber pls?
  6. not working on D7 and D2007 so i think if peace of code works on D6 must be working in D7, isn't?
  7. Can't compline a Client: [DCC Error] Listen.pas(1300): E2389 Protected member 'TThread.Synchronize' is inaccessible here
  8. try with 7-Zip works for me. good example btw. thanks envisiOn.
  9. where is no syntax different between D7 and XE, you need to learn Object Pascal, delphi isn't language. check this out
  10. use zeoslib, easy to understand & free
  11. if you need install KOL lib on delphi 7 you need to download KOL + MCK + KoLadd from then install. can't tell you anything about x0rcis7's library
  12. you need to download KOL + MCK + KoLadd then install MirrorKOLPackageD7.dpk
  13. i know basic thing etc etc but this is a project with ton of code...
  14. sorry for my noob question ))cant find the solution "How to remove HWID protection" the project like this is difficult to understand for me and i want to learn..