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    i made this a while back cant remember if it works well, it takes shell code encrypts it save it in to a new project (Your stub) and you simple compile a new stub with your code build in. Credit me and the other coders source code. IT IS ONLY FAIR. Genorator.rar
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    Protocol and other founding members. This is your daddy checking in to say hello.
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    Hi I'm the developer of Nuclear bot and I am leaking my own code. Here are some articles on the bot: https://www.deepdotweb.com/2017/02/01/malware-uninstalls-another-hackers-malware-available-darknet/ https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/collection/Nuclear-Bot-NukeBot-aka-Micro-Banking-Trojan-8b18e7c897b6be1575ddebec42f1d456/report/ec76c6cc69b9c6c1fa81d9a77f62e6a3/MAL/f9cb4322e395aef43f86af76824a165e https://www.cybersixgill.com/nuke-http-bot/ https://www.deepdotweb.com/2017/02/01/malware-uninstalls-another-hackers-malware-available-darknet/ Nuclear or TinyNuke is a full fledged banking trojan its main features are: - Formgrabber and Webinjects for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Can inject x86 as well as x64 browsers. - Reverse SOCKS 4 - HVNC like Hidden Desktop - Trusteer Bypass - ~32kb binary with obfuscated strings ~20kb without I posted the full project here: https://github.com/aainz/TinyNuke, enjoy and tell me what you think!
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    Hello house i'm new here though still want to meet people and get along
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    the funny thing is how admin at osc put thread to sticky and bring it more attention to mark osc more dead . hahahahah its like laughing at something who is already dead = gangsta style hahaha
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    Edit time is 20mins was original 5mins for some reason but I've changed that now. I think a lot of settings were messed up when we moved servers so please bare with us. :-) Permissions should also be fixed for the graphical forum. regards
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    Hello everyone, it’s BullDog (aka nathex) from HackHound.org. I was an admin on HH since, I believe, 2010, until it suddenly went to onionland in 2016 and died completely (although, to be fair, it was pretty much dead since 2014 or so). Since HH is not available anymore, I thought I’d register here, just in case some people want to stay or get back in contact. After all there do seem to be a number of familiar faces here, including the staff . Have a nice day.
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    Pm's should be unrestricted please let me know if you are still getting problems. regards
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    I just added a 302 @ unmasked to pastebin to inform all of you.
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    Just saw this thread and decided to register a account here. I was a member at hh too. Nice to see you here @BullDog Nice to see that @Hesss is also still around
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    I didn't, that's why i ask who is holder
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    Hi, I'm hookman I do winapi development I came here to see if there where any active English speaking forums but I guess they are all dead or dying. I also came here to leak my own banking bot https://github.com/aainz/TinyNuke.
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    That's a part of it. But I think there are many reasons. I can list a few. 1. We are victims of our own success. The success shifted the focus from ability, to antivirus avoidance. 2. The shift from a challenge to be meet, to making money. 3. The rise of smart phones and tablets. 4. The decline of the internet forum across the internet. Replaced by SM. 5. Legal ramifications. 6. Multiple OS now being used. So I agree a new era isn't here yet.
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    Considering that this tweet is from January of 2016, I wouldn't get my hopes up .
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    Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll definitely be around here occasionally, though I don't really have anything to share, so I'll be pretty quiet . Of course I do . Nice to see you still around here. I have no idea how you acquired the domain, I obviously must have missed something whilst HH was tor-only?! Anyways it's nice to see that the domain is in good hands. If you ever decide to start something up and want some help, let me know.
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    Welcome, p.s. I hope you should recognize smiles, btw who is domain holder for HH
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    Thanks Protocol for the update, I'm so happy to see ic0de still in good shape
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    learn and share x86 Code Virtualizer Src (C++).rar
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    Author: DarkCoderSc Source: hxxps://www.opensc.ws/showthread.php?t=20276 Here is at my own opinion the proper way to write any kind of data to End Of File Easy / Secured / Efficient :] and support Unicode! Notice: for old Delphi users (above 2009) you must update Char to WideChar. you will need to adapt the structure like for your own program structure schema. UntEOF.pas { Desc: Example of using EOF to dynamically store data into an application. Notes: - You could use Windows API for Read/Write steps. - You could use Default Delphi Methods for Read/Write. Coded by: DarkCoderSc (darkcodersc@gmail.com) For: www.opensc.ws (the 03/11/2015) If you use it, just give credits! it is always pleasant :-) } unit UntEOF; interface uses Windows, Sysutils, Classes; {-- YOU MUST ADAPT THIS STRUCTURE FOR YOUR PROGRAM DATA ARCH --} type TEOFData = record TokenVerification : integer; DisplayName : array[0..50] of Char; IPV4_ADDR : array[0..14] of Char; Port : word; Comment : array[0..255] of Char; dummyBool : Boolean; end; const token = $FDC1403; // To be sure it is a valid TEOFData record (could be changed of course) function writeEOF(targetFile : String; EOFData : TEOFData) : boolean; function readEOF(targetFile : String; var EOFData : TEOFData) : boolean; implementation function writeEOF(targetFile : String; EOFData : TEOFData) : boolean; var stream : TMemoryStream; fSize : Int64; EOFDataTest : TEOFData; begin result := false; if NOT FileExists(targetFile) then exit; EOFData.TokenVerification := token; Stream := TMemoryStream.Create; try Stream.LoadFromFile(targetFile); fSize := Stream.Size; Stream.Position := fSize - sizeOf(TEOFData); {DO WE NEED TO PATCH?} Stream.Read(EOFDataTest, sizeOf(TEOFData)); if EOFDataTest.TokenVerification = token then begin Stream.Position := fSize - sizeOf(TEOFData); Stream.Write(EOFData, sizeOf(TEOFData)); // overwrite our structure result := (Stream.Size = fSize); // size should be the same as previously end else begin Stream.Write(EOFData, sizeOf(TEOFData)); // writting our structure result := (Stream.Size = (fSize + sizeOf(TEOFData))); // if file size has changed then it was patched end; finally Stream.SaveToFile(targetFile); // saving patched file Stream.Free; end; end; function readEOF(targetFile : String; var EOFData : TEOFData) : boolean; var Stream : TMemoryStream; fSize : int64; begin result := false; if NOT FileExists(targetFile) then exit; Stream := TMemoryStream.Create; try Stream.LoadFromFile(targetFile); fSize := Stream.Size; Stream.Position := fSize - sizeOf(TEOFData); // Seek to the end of file minus the size of our record if Stream.Read(EOFData, sizeOf(TEOFData)) = 0 then exit; // read our record result := (EOFData.TokenVerification = token); // If token correct then its fine finally Stream.Free; end; end; end. Builder Code: unit UntMain; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Dialogs, Vcl.StdCtrls, Vcl.Samples.Spin; type TForm1 = class(TForm) edttarget: TEdit; btnLoad: TButton; Label1: TLabel; Label2: TLabel; Label3: TLabel; Label4: TLabel; edtname: TEdit; edtip: TEdit; sport: TSpinEdit; memocomment: TMemo; btnBuild: TButton; OD: TOpenDialog; checkdummy: TCheckBox; procedure btnLoadClick(Sender: TObject); procedure btnBuildClick(Sender: TObject); private { Private declarations } public { Public declarations } end; var Form1: TForm1; implementation {$R *.dfm} uses UntEOF; procedure TForm1.btnBuildClick(Sender: TObject); var EOFData : TEOFData; begin {COPY STRING TO ARRAY OF (ANSI)CHAR} if length(edtname.Text) > 0 then StrLCopy(EOFData.DisplayName, PChar(edtname.Text), High(EOFData.DisplayName)); if length(edtip.Text) > 0 then StrLCopy(EOFData.IPV4_ADDR, PChar(edtip.Text), High(EOFData.IPV4_ADDR)); if length(memocomment.Text) > 0 then StrLCopy(EOFData.Comment, PChar(memoComment.Text), High(EOFData.Comment)); EOFData.Port := sport.Value; EOFData.dummyBool := checkdummy.checked; if writeEOF(edttarget.Text, EOFData) then MessageBox(handle, 'Stub successfully generated!', 'Success', MB_IconInformation) else MessageBox(handle, 'Could not write data to destination file', 'Error', MB_IconError); end; procedure TForm1.btnLoadClick(Sender: TObject); begin OD.FileName := ''; if NOT OD.Execute() then exit; edttarget.Text := OD.FileName; end; end. stub Code: program Stub; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses System.SysUtils, Windows, UntEOF in '..\UntEOF.pas'; var dummy : String; EOFData : TEOFData; begin WriteLn('EOF Data:'); WriteLn('---------'); if NOT readEOF(GetModuleName(0), EOFData) then begin WriteLn('NO EOF DATA!!!'); end else begin WriteLn(EOFData.DisplayName); WriteLn(EOFData.IPV4_ADDR); WriteLn(EOFData.Port); WriteLn(EOFData.Comment); WriteLn(BoolToStr(EOFData.dummyBool)); end; readLn(dummy); end. Hope u like it!
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    Source: hXXps://www.opensc.ws/showthread.php?t=17352Noticed we didn't have this so was worth uploading here :-) Umbra Formgrabber.rar
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    oh, so I had an idea a few days back, only mentioning it because I know it will end up abandoned (or some leeches will steal the idea and code it for me, ha). The idea is a P2P 'Netflix' type program to watch movies. Anyone would be able to download the app, add(host) movies, and watch basically what ever movie they wanted, it wouldn't be too hard on your bandwidth because its P2P, and I can't see it being any more risky than using torrents to pirate. (Y/N) ?[EDIT] here is a dump of some my crap. Unfinished.rar
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    Old article, Original Website as stated above is offline but I think these might come in useful for someone, Part 2 included in archive. File Transfer.rar
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    The new server I build is Running vSphere and it is pretty nice. Seems to be able to handle everything I can throw at it with ease.
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    Sentry 2.0 ---------- Labeled Sentry 2.0 Beta RC 7+++ to Sentry 2.0 Sentry 2.0 Beta (RC 7+++) ------------------------- - Fixed bug when Specific Response is cleared in Proxy Analyzer. Defaults now back to 401. (Eternal) - Fixed bug with Reload Settings in Progression Frame. (Eternal) - If using Header Key Phrases, you can now use Source Key Phrases also. - Fixed minor bug when appending '/' at the end of URL's with '?' in them. - Fixed bug when no POST Data was extracted with Refresh Session Data's GET Request. Sentry 2.0 Beta (RC 7++) (15-4-05) ------------------------ - Fixed bug when using Global Failure Key Phrases when Source Failure Key Phrases was empty. (Psykodelik) - Fixed graphical bug in About Box. (Psykodelik) - Fixed My List Statistics bug. (Psykodelik) - Made Blacklist multiselect. - Fixed bug when sending Proxies To Blacklist in Analyzer and My List. Ports were not trimmed. (Psykodelik) - History is now linked with Progression Frame, so you can see your new hits when you go to the History Frame while a bruteforce session is being run. - Upgraded History Saving. History is now saved when the Progression Frame is freed. (Eternal) - Upgraded Form Parsing Engine. - Fixed nag screen about not building a correct header with POST Requests. (chillerz) - Fixed bug when sending a POST Request in HTTP Debugger and not filling out POST Data. (chillerz) - Fixed bug if User-Agent List file did not exist. (chillerz) - Added Send To HTTP Debugger in My List and Proxy Analyzer. Sentry 2.0 Beta (RC 7+) (8-4-05) ----------------------- - Added POST Data to Popup Memo. - Added Sent Header to Debug Data. - POST Request Wizard now follows redirects. - Fixed bug when refreshing cookies in POST Requests. - Added Right Click Menu to Blacklist. - Added Delete Selected Proxies in Blacklist. - Added Send Proxies To Blacklist in Analyzer and My List. (splendidly_null) Sentry.2.0.Source.zip
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    Started this, got bored, enjoy...http://i53.tinypic.com/2i7s8ld.png iChat.rar
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    here are some KeyGenMe Snippets I have made in the past... Might be useful to someone [KeyGenMe#1] implementation {$R *.dfm} const //Just some random Table between 33 and 126 (Ansi Table) GenTable: Array[33..126] of Integer = (45,87,121,45,65,78,23,90,34,33,56,67,76,48,99,111,39,43,81,122,66,38,98,55,89,98,77,88,67,56,74 ,65,38,48,46,45,65,89,99,102,115,76,89,77,49,100,112,40,44,82,123,67,39,99,56,90,99,78,89,68,57,75 ,66,39,49,47,46,66,90,100,103,116,77,90,78,50,101,113,41,45,83,124,68,40,100,57,91,100,79,90,69,58,45,65); function GenSerial (sName : String):String; var iLoop,iLength: Integer; sTemp: String; begin iLength:= length(sName); result:= ''; for iLoop:= 1 to iLength do begin sTemp:= sTemp + Char(Gentable[ord(sName[iLoop])]); end; Result:= sTemp; end; procedure TForm1.BtnCheckClick(Sender: TObject); Const sBadBoy : String = 'Keep Trying :)'; sGoodBoy: String = 'Congrats Good job'; begin if Length(EdName.Text) > 4 then begin if EdSerial.Text = Genserial(EdName.Text) then Showmessage(sGoodBoy) else Showmessage(sBadBoy); end else Showmessage(sBadBoy); end; [KeyGenMe#2] implementation uses StrUtils; {$R *.dfm} function VolumeSerial : string; var cSerialNo: Cardinal; cTmp: Cardinal; begin GetVolumeInformation('C:\',nil,0,@cSerialNo,cTmp,cTmp,nil,0); Result := IntToHex(cSerialNo,8); end; Function GenSerial (sName : String): String; var sHD, sTmp, sMixed: string; iLoop: Integer; begin sHD := VolumeSerial; while (Length(sName)+ Length(sHD)>0) do begin if Length(sName)>0 then begin sMixed := sMixed + LeftStr(sName,1); Delete(sName,1,1); end; if Length(sHD)>0 then begin sMixed := sMixed + LeftStr(sHD,1); Delete(sHD,1,1); end; end; sMixed:= sMixed + sMixed + sMixed; for iLoop:= 1 to Length(sMixed) do begin sTmp:= sTmp + IntToStr(Ord(sMixed[iLoop])); end; Result := sTmp; end; procedure TForm1.BtnCheckClick(Sender: TObject); Const sBadBoy: String = 'Try Again ;)'; sGoodBoy: String = 'Congrats Good Job!'; sTag: String = ' - INFECTiON -'; begin if Length(EdName.Text) > 4 then begin If MemSerial.Lines.Text = (GenSerial(EdName.Text) + sTag) then begin ShowMessage(sGoodBoy); end else ShowMessage(sBadBoy); end else ShowMessage(sBadBoy); end; [KeyGenMe#3] implementation {$R *.dfm} function GetComputerNetName: string; var buffer: array[0..255] of char; size: dword; begin size := 256; if GetComputerName(buffer, size) then Result := buffer else Result := '' end; Function String_Reverse(S : String): String; Var i : Integer; Begin Result := ''; For i := Length(S) DownTo 1 Do Begin Result := Result + Copy(S,i,1) ; End; End; Function Generate(Username,Serial: String):String; var CompName: String; iResult,iChar,i: integer; begin While length(CompName) <= Length(UserName) do begin CompName:= CompName + GetComputerNetName; end; CompName:= String_Reverse(CompName); iresult:= 0; for i:= 1 to Length(UserName) do begin iChar:= ord(Username[i]); iChar:= iChar + iChar * 2; iChar:= iChar * 4; iChar:= iChar div 2; iChar:= iChar div 2; iChar:= iChar div 2; iResult:= iChar + iResult + ord(CompName[i]); end; Result:= inttostr(iResult); end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin if length(Edit1.Text) > 4 then begin if Edit2.Text = Generate(edit1.Text,Edit2.Text) then Showmessage('Well Done ;)') else ShowMessage('Failer'); end else Showmessage('Failer'); end; Those are the first 3 KeyGenMes I made, I wont post newer ones because they are alot more complex and uses 3rd party Encryption units. Just thought it might be interesting to someone..