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  2. Welcome man, Didn't spend too much time at HH in the last few years but did have the odd scroll/comment here and there but there were some good members there! Hope to see you around and enjoy your stay
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  4. Welcome to ic0de ! I was wondering where have You been lately , but , it's nice to see a lot HH and ex-HH people here. Well , everything changed last two or three years , tbh , since a lot people went "offline" aka busted , I guess a lot has retired too , due to that fact.
  5. I think that Xylitol is still active in
  6. Hi Protocol, in my opinion we should share and speak more about code and exploits as in the good old times. It's a bit frustrating seeing nowadays people are too concerned to get cracked binaries... The most interesting for me should be to analyze protocols (aehm... not you :P) and the inner working of OSes like Windows, Linux, OS X, Android ans IOS. Obviously this is my opinion.
  7. Thanks Protocol for the update, I'm so happy to see ic0de still in good shape
  8. Hello everyone, it’s BullDog (aka nathex) from I was an admin on HH since, I believe, 2010, until it suddenly went to onionland in 2016 and died completely (although, to be fair, it was pretty much dead since 2014 or so). Since HH is not available anymore, I thought I’d register here, just in case some people want to stay or get back in contact. After all there do seem to be a number of familiar faces here, including the staff . Have a nice day.
  9. was basically dead, but it's currently down. They do offer No-Log jabber on atm.
  10. I mean at this point it's basically just Kali or go home for a dedicated Pentesting OS. I mean I doubt many others can REALLY come close to what it's already got installed. That being said, the only reason I use Kali or anything similar is to not clutter my main OS with applications I rarely use. That and encrypting that data seperatly is nice.
  11. Tails is pretty hella. Always use it when using tor. Although it has been some time since I've done that. Find below the fingerprint of my copy of the keys from a decently long time ago, if you ever want to verify that the validity of their keys ofc. [snoopy@had3s ~]$ gpg --fingerprint tails pub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [C] [expires: 2018-01-11] A490 D0F4 D311 A415 3E2B B7CA DBB8 02B2 58AC D84F uid [ unknown] Tails developers (offline long-term identity key) <> uid [ unknown] Tails developers <> sub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11] sub rsa4096 2015-01-18 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11] sub rsa4096 2016-08-30 [S] [expires: 2018-01-11]
  12. So my name is snoopy. I used to be back in TF before it died. I shitpost on HF and just generally shitpost. I don't bother with saying anything constructive, but I will dump shit now and then. Anyway, let's see how long till I get banned. Thank you o/
  13. Trojanforge is sadly gone, I liked it there. HQ members, HQ content, and not filled with a bunch of autists.
  14. I would assume it's because too many people are ripping sources and running bot-nets without having any knowledge of that they are doing. I think passionate "hackers" still exist but they are just waiting for a new era of "hacking" that doesn't rely on 2000-era snippets.
  15. Which was that private forum?
  16. Hello Folks, I thought I would check old hacking forums after 2 years but I see HH gone Trojanforge also. is alive but it did not seem very active to me and HH was more sympathetic. I had the same name everywhere I think. Quqaaa. I am sure none of you know me, I had no friends, I was more like a silent bystander but I enjoyed hacking and coding and the "scene" in early 2010-2012 until the botnets and greed grew over. Then it was not much desirable. So what happened? I see not only here but a lot of enthusiastic online communities are in a decline . I thinks it is a global trend but I can't name any reason for it. New people are not passionate enough? Facebook and other forums killed regular forums? Anyways, hello all I am curious how is it going
  17. Add me on jabber: for any questions
  18. thanks i wll give it a try but i ended up creating a customer server in delphi to connected to the client and decode the traffic.
  19. Hello, Good to see alot of old faces again, it's been a few years since i have used this handle and a catch up would be good. I will check shortly but is their a secure chat area? Cheers
  20. Hi @Yash , a lot of members here were once members of HH too. As well as other private boards too.
  21. Earlier
  22. Hi I'm the developer of Nuclear bot and I am leaking my own code. Here are some articles on the bot: Nuclear or TinyNuke is a full fledged banking trojan its main features are: - Formgrabber and Webinjects for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Can inject x86 as well as x64 browsers. - Reverse SOCKS 4 - HVNC like Hidden Desktop - Trusteer Bypass - ~32kb binary with obfuscated strings ~20kb without I posted the full project here:, enjoy and tell me what you think!
  23. Hi, I'm hookman I do winapi development I came here to see if there where any active English speaking forums but I guess they are all dead or dying. I also came here to leak my own banking bot
  24. Good to see You around HH's. If You need my jabber , You can pm me. My nick is almost the same as on HH , just one extra "s" is added.
  25. Thanks. I see it uses Beaengine. I was planning on playing with that, I now do have a working example. Great.
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